Monday, December 27, 2010

Toast, the peak of human evolution

Somewhere on Mt Olympus, Zues reclines at his rest and bids his handmaidens to bring him nectar and manna. One maiden, seeking his favor, brings forth a foodstuff new to Zeus.... a bread that's been oiled, herbed, and toasted. Zeus, astounded at the deep flavor and goodness, calls the maiden to his side and rewards her with riches and fame as the finest chef on Mt. Olympus.

He also pats her fanny as she's leaving the dais.

This toasted bread is almost that good.....

As the oven heats to 450 degrees, melt half a stick of good butter in the microwave. Add to the melted butter an equal amount of very good olive oil, and stir till blended. To your taste, add a large spoon of crushed garlic, a goodish amount of powdered dried onion, some Rosemary, and some Thyme. Grind in quite a lot of fresh black pepper, and a teaspoon of kosher salt. Hot sauce to taste, and dried chives as well.

Spread this mix heavily on fresh Italian bread that's been sliced lengthwise. Lightly layer on some shredded Asiago and Cheddar cheese.

Lay the bread on a pizza stone in the preheated oven, and switch the oven from bake to 'broil' The bread will crisp on the crust side against the hot stone, while the top side melts into a glorious mix of oil, cheese, butter, and herbs. Remove when the edges of the loaves turns golden brown and delicious.

Slice and serve at once, piping hot..... and dine as the Gods would.

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Jean said...

I see your next career as a restaurant/diner owner/chef.