Friday, December 17, 2010

TV? I don't need no steenking tv!

There was a time in my life when every room in the house had to have a TV, usually against my wishes. The big plasma unit in the bedroom was the last straw... blaring away hours past the time when I would be trying to sleep, having to get up early as the only working breadwinner in the house.

Perhaps that is why, when I left, I vowed to be done with TV. It made me near physically sick to watch for over a year after that.

That was... what.... three years ago now? I have not owned a TV in that time, nor bothered to watch it much anyplace else, either. Princess owns a nice plasma TV, but we shun cable and satellite. The occasional DVD movie when we wish, that's pretty much the only reason it's existed here so far.

Regular TV shows and such? She watches what she wants on Netflix, and I catch the occasional docutalkery on Hulu.

All this came to mind as I have been reading about the demise of the last Stargate show on the Sc-Fi-ish channel. As it happens, I have never seen the show even though I watched it's progenitors on occasion. Now it's going away, and if I hadn't read about it I never would have know. I understand 'Pro Wrestling' took their time slot on the Sci-Fi channel.

Pro Wrestling on Sci Fi Channel? Olby broadcast anywhere in the universe? Oprah? Really? Dr. Phil? Major Media bias/news channels?

Nope.... can't think of a single reason to allow that crap back into my life.

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Ron said...

Totally agree. Also, the name of the channel was changed to SyFy earlier in the year. I remember in the distant past they once had a Dune miniseries. So much for the good ol' days.