Sunday, January 23, 2011


Emergency appeal! The national weather service now predicts my home will be surrounded by an area of NO degree's tonight. Therefor, I request the heating systems for all Kerry, Hunt, Gore, Rendell, Bloomberg, and Kennedy mansions and pool systems be switched over to warming the atmosphere at once..... Including their boat houses, vacation villas, heated airplane hangers, love nests, and limousines.


Hat Trick said...

Don't sweat it. I've survived many winters with several consecutive nights with lows at -20F. Just keep the stove fired and don't walk on the cold floor without something covering your feet.

Roger said...

Perhaps you can re-channel [recycle] much of the hot air those wonderful mavens of recycling
are spouting to assist in the heating of your home. However; let's be realistic, one should never expect those of the ruling class to change THEIR lifestyle to assist in the well being of the "unwashed masses".