Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fiocchi 9x19mm EMB ammunition.... sent me some interesting stuff to test and review. It's the Fiocchi 9mm EMB round, with a 92 grain mono-block bullet skipping along at roughly 1300 fps.

This morning I cooked up some home made ballistic gel substitute from a mixture of corn starch and corn meal. I wanted thick, but I also wanted to avoid the whole 'non-newtonian' fluid issue.

The round fired into the gel, and captured in a water bath, expanded as shown. The photo above that is the same bullet fired through sheet metal corresponding to a car door, and then penatrating 12 thicknesses of mixed sheet rock and ceiling tile.

I'll be dissecting some of the ammunition and slicing the bullets in two with a diamond saw to see how they are built, and testing for velocity and accuracy over the next week or two. When I have enough info, I'll write it up for the other blog.

Fascinating stuff.


Anonymous said...

How far did it penetrate when fired into the gel? I've been looking all over for an actual gel test of this round.

Carteach0 said...

You really don't want to take my amateur playings into account when you make decisions regarding this ammo. My gel was home made, in a half gallon milk jug. The EMB exploded the milk jug of gel, and then traveled further on through the side of a plastic bucket full of water, where it stopped.