Monday, January 17, 2011

"Sarah Palin is a Rorschach test, not an actual candidate"


"Sarah Palin is a Rorschach test, not an actual candidate".

Jeff Bishop, on FaceBook

Now, that's an interesting observation. Could it be that Sarah Palin acts as a kind of mirror, giving us a glimpse into the minds and souls of those who publicly revile her?

I think it's true she would be irrelevant on the national political stage if it weren't for the constant biased lambasting she receives.... so what drives it? Maybe an uncontrollable urge on the part of the whackleft to reveal themselves.... and she is simply the handiest frame for their self portrait.


suz said...

VERY interesting. And what does the mirror tell us about those who adore her?

I think what drives the lambasting is the whackleft's shock that the whackright ever took her seriously as a candidate in the first place.

Some people have the sense to not take her seriously as anything but a hockey mom and a celebrity. She's actually a pretty ordinary woman, with driving ambition and moderate intelligence, and not particularly worthy of all the attention.

Carteach0 said...

Could be Suz! Still, her star seemed to have passed by until the media just decided last week to shoot it back into the sky again.

Politics is entertaining as hell... beats the circus any day of the week.

BobG said...

The only time I bring her name up is to watch left-wingers froth at the mouth while their heads explode. I find it quite amusing.

Moshe Ben-David said...

People do not foam at the mouth and get insanely angry over someone who is no danger to them or their cherished ideals. That's why the media loved John McCain until he named Palin for his ticket. Aside: people who succumb to cults of personality and celebrity don't fit the definition of true conservatives.

If Palin was only moderately intelligent she couldn't have done what she did to become governor and do what she did while governor. More importantly, if she was only moderately intelligent, she wouldn't cause the reaction she does in the lefties.

Maybe someone better will come along before 2012, but so far, Palin is better than Romney, Christie, Gingrich, and many other possible candidates. The only two I would put ahead of her, pending more investigation, are Allen West and Marco Rubio.

If Palin is only moderately intelligent, then she has more intelligence than Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reed, Dodd, and Shumer put together.

Ted Amadeus said...

First off, Palin would make an EXCELLENT Sunday President...the rest of the week she wouldn't be worth half a busted damn.
Seriously though, she needs to be put in charge of the GOP til all the neoComs are run out on a greased rail, then we'll see about the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that just the mere sight of Sarah Palin is enough to make me sick to my stomach. I am pretty sure everyone has at least one of those people that can give them that effect. She is mine. It really doesn't have anything to do with her stances on the normal things that have been widely talked about. It is more to do with what people don't say about her.

Palin offered a bounty of $150 per wolf in order to promote the killing of wolves in Alaska. In order to collect the bounty shooters had to present a forelimb of the dead wolf.

In the past year state employed biologists killed 14 wolf pups after shooting their parents.

Palin has repeatedly opposed the listing of endangered animals under the Endangered Species List despite overwhelming scientific evidence that such listings are warranted. Specifically, Palin opposed the listing of polar bears on the list despite top marine biologists in Alaska agreeing that polar bears should be listed.

Palin recently filed a suit seeking to overturn the listing of polar bears.

Palin also has an issue with beluga whales and opposes the listing of such whales as endangered despite the fact that their numbers have decreased from 1300 in the 1980s to about 350 today. The reason for her opposition? It would interfere with drilling for oil and gas.

Palin supports drilling in the ANWR, a vital wilderness area that is home to hundreds of thousands of caribou, more than a million migratory birds and countless other wildlife. It is also important to polar bears who use it for denning. Palin also supports a mining operation in Bristol Bay another wildlife habitat in Alaska.

Palin actively campaigned against a ballot measure aimed at protecting Bristol Bay from gold and copper mining that would pollute the Bay’s headwaters and threaten the spawning grounds for the largest remaining wild salmon run.

....My grandmother (a born and raised Alaskan native) use to tell me that people who didn't care enough about their mark on the environment or doing whatever is capable in their power to preserve whatever nature we have not already destroyed..isn't worth her vote. Not that I have anything against hunters. I don't. But as far as I know people don't eat wolves. Or Beluga whales because of the high levels of mercury they contain. I personally am right there with my grandmother on this one. I know she isn't the only politician who supports these types of things (I don't support any of them either) but....she gloats about it. Which I find...sickening. Just my two cents worth :)