Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paging AlGore.... Reality, line one......


Hat Trick said...

If the global average temperature is still rising it's going to have to be damn hot in the southern hemisphere to keep the average up.

Here's another site that's updated daily that shows the extent of snow cover and marine ice.

A couple weeks ago it showed that Florida and Louisiana were the only states free of snow. (Hawaii has a snowcap on Mauna Kea, IIRC, so I didn't count it)

Ted Amadeus said...

AlGump is not concerned with facts, his tiny mind is already made up.
So unfortunately are those of his blind followers, who are desperately scrambling for grasp-straw explanations of how this political Ponzi scheme is falling apart and utterly failing to play out as scientific fact.
Spiritualism is not science or reason. It is the fointainhead of all stupid-stitious emotionalism, and if consistently and blindly followed ends in tragedy and suffering.