Saturday, February 19, 2011

Picture above: Breakfast this morning. Left over rice, a few bits of this and that... and suddenly rice cakes appear. Judged to be 'Yummy'.

Life has gotten busy, my friends. Far too few hours in each day, and far too much to do. School is.... challenging. On top of having our best class ever, which keeps us stepping, the school is going through a huge inspection by the Dept of Ed. I expect we will end up being the standard others are held to, as always, but it's still nerve wracking. Getting to be the best is hard.... and staying there is harder.

Just to prove my insanity, I am taking six credits of PSU courses at the same time. Oh, and yesterday I agreed to photograph a wedding as the 'official' photographer.

Shooty stuff? Well, this weekend I hope to put the wraps on an article about shooting glasses. It depends how well the subjects hold up to redneck testing, and in the mannequin heads I scrounged can take it. We shall see.

Life is good, folks.... just crowded and busy right now. Three and a half months till summer break......

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