Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Wisconsin's Union/Tax Payer tussle......

I am undecided. I have a foot in both camps.... and it's difficult to determine which way I should lean, if at all.

I am a tax payer, and heartily detest the idea of a 'public service union' which is a monopoly provider... and has the ability to shut down some of what government is actually supposed to do. Teachers, Police, Firefighters, Garbage collection... the things we actually want done with our tax money.

I also deeply despise the way public service unions take their member's hard earned money by force, and use it to buy off politicians... who in turn vote on union contracts. My wallet shrieks in pain at the giant vortex of suck this has caused.

On the other hand, I am a teacher, have been for a decade.... and I have first hand knowledge of the incredible bad faith, malfeasance, and incompetence found inside school administration. Teachers need unions when faced with such monumental, entrenched, and powerful stupidity.

The stories I can tell.... and likely will one day.


TenMile said...

.. and I have first hand knowledge of the incredible bad faith, malfeasance, and incompetence found inside school administration."

Don't these people come from the ranks of the teachers and "educated," CarTech?

I suppose I'm asking if it is the government or your own people preying on you.

Carteach0 said...

Ten Mile... you are correct. Administration usually does come from the ranks of teachers.

The difference is akin to that between a soldier who serves his country and loves his career, and a soldier who joined only to have the checkmark on his record when he runs for political office.

Admin and instructors have different goals, and widely diverging interests.

I can only speak from my small section of the educational sphere. Of all the teachers I work with daily... I can't imagine a single one among the protesters in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

As a former instructor in the local community college, I learned that unions cannot protect you from an incompetent administration. Yes, they shut down my program and sent me out the door. The union was present and unfortunately incapable to protect the affected. In retrospect, I envy my coworker, who always refused to join due to his strong dislike of the outrageous NEA positions on social issues and the support provided to those politicians who support such nonsense. Instead, he started his own scholarship fund that provided financial assistance to students who needed help attending college. If the situation of union membership ever comes up again, I will seek to participate in an alternative method such as that.

Old NFO said...

My personal opinion is the unions are no longer about the 'workers' but about political influence... I'm GLAD to see the WI stand, and the same things happening in ID and OH...