Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silver Sunday........

Silver, melted... splashed across cold steel, and then shaped.

The stone is pink tourmaline.

I'm thinking of rerouting the chain to make it simpler, and more fitting to the piece.


suz said...

Yes, I would change the chain. In fact, you could probably make your own - this piece needs something soft looking, perhaps with rounded, slightly uneven links. Something that looks alive like the pendant. I know I shouldn't even ask, since the silver alone is out of my range, but are these pieces for sale? your technique is brilliant, and the finishing touches add elegance without detracting from the natural form. (This piece might be interesting hanging vertically...)

Carteach0 said...


I'll be re-hanging it this afternoon. I have a few rolls of silver chain around... just need to find them. Funny how I can mislay several hundred dollars worth of precious metal, but it happens.

Yes, I will likely put many of my pieces up for sale, perhaps on a jewelry blog. This piece I'd expect to see $120-$140 or so.