Friday, April 22, 2011

I have this day off, thus sleeping in to the princely hour of 7am. Now, I rest here with freshly perced coffee, a toasted bagel with cream cheese, and a fine, fine attitude. Smiling as I enjoy the great morning.

'Burgle burgle bleep' comes from my phone, and I find a reminder I set for myself.... 'No school today!'. A small joke I play on myself, to remind me how good life is.

I've put one of my old cars up on Craigslist for sale. The fleet of beaters has grown too large, and something must go. The cash inflow will help pay taxes, and in today's climate a little extra cash in the safe is a comforting thing. Looking at gas prices, food prices, rising unemployment, falling sales, plummeting house prices, etc and etc from our Obamacession...... I just don't see any daylight from this tunnel anytime soon.

For those who might be interested..... we are done about 1/3 the heavy testing on my young ones this week. 75% passed their written portion of the State Inspection test, and 100% passed their hands NOCTI testing.... most testing at 'advanced' so far. Coming up, we have NOCTI written testing and State Inspection tactile testing. After that, Emissions Inspection class and testing. With luck, we can keep the little Bleepards focused long enough to do well.


Anonymous said...


Will that thing make it across the state? I need a secondary safe car to get around the city with for my mother.


Carteach0 said...

William, I will tell you that I would not be comfortable hopping in this car for for a multi-state trip. I would go, but as a mechanic.... the trunk would be stocked with some tools and fluids.

It's an OLD car with high mileage. I'll drive it anyplace I need to go around here, and its never let me down once. On the other hand, I have the assurance of free towing and a class full of students who would love taking it apart if it breaks.