Sunday, April 17, 2011

I wait till the last moment to file taxes, as I write a check..... no refund, and no interest free loans for those criminal bastards in DC.

This year, the check I must write is more than double what it was last year.

I was just asked..... why did it double if my income and situation did not change?

The answer is simple..... TAXES WENT UP! I don't care what you call it, how the cups move with the peas, or what column has the most numbers in it. The bottom line is as simple as... well..... death and taxes. The check I am writing this year is twice as big as the check I wrote last year, because my taxes went up.

I..... CAN'T..... WAIT..... TO..... VOTE..... AGAIN

Oh..... and if you are one of my friends who voted in that batch of thieving prevaricating morons a few years back.... it might be best if you didn't speak to me for a while.


Old NFO said...

Same here, dammit...

suz said...

I know the feeling. What we really need is enough money to buy into all those tax shelters!

Ted Amadeus said...

White and working = "rich", as far as the looters in Washington are concerned. They never consider that poverty might be a form of justice visited upon the less diligent because that would make too much sense, and acting accordingly might derail their gravy train. As long as those who are diligent believe and feel it's their "moral/social duty" to try slopping every bum on Earth, nothing will change.