Friday, April 8, 2011

Reading the news over coffee this morning, and fact checking as always. This led to the usual Que of links set aside to post on Facebook, pointing out the competence and malfeasance of our grand leadership.

This morning..... I'll not post them. Why bother? Polarization is complete.... my intelligent friends already know the point, and my liberal friends will never open their eyes to see the point.


AJD said...

I ran into the same thing, and eventually just started deleting the most vocal & hard core liberal friends.
I could only tolerate so much of their kool-aid posts before I would have to respond in an attempt to point out where the facts were against them, and it never worked. If I posted a link to a study that refuted their claims, the study was flawed or biased. If I pointed out how the link they posted didn't even support what they claimed it did, that was ignored.
All I got for it was rising blood pressure and wasting my quota of invective.

Old NFO said...

good point GL... The line in the sand is now in concrete and they're pouring steel for the FINAL line...