Sunday, April 10, 2011

This morning at 6:30am, I grind the coffee beans and load the coffee maker... and switch it on.

Instead of the reassuring and peaceful gurgle of water being heated and dripped through my lovingly fresh ground Canadian Kicking Mule coffee, I hear......nothing.

My coffee maker has failed.

Springing into action (Not something I recomend at 6:30 on a Sunday morning) I heated a pot of water to boiling, and poured it slowly through the grind basket.

I now have coffee.... which I am drinking as I browse for my next coffee maker. Such is the way of our modern world.... one moment I am making coffee the way my great, great Grand Dad did..... and the next I am using a world spanning computer network on my pocket computer smart phone to shop for the latest and greatest coffee machine.

I'll probably buy a percolator, just like Grand Dad had.

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Phillip said...

Only thing about percolators is that they seemed to take a long time, from what I remember.

If you're already grinding your beans, you might want to think about a french press. My wife bought one last year, and then I bought her a coffee grinder, and she says the coffee tastes better doing that than anything she's ever had. An entry line french press runs less than $20, so it's cheap enough to try, and if you'd prefer a different method, stick it in a cabinet as a backup when the next machine breaks. Plus, it doesn't use power, so if you have an alternate method of heating water, you can have coffee during a power outage.