Saturday, May 7, 2011

Limits to ones ability

This was an 'interesting' week. The kind of interesting where the word 'interesting' has meanings not found in Websters.

Pausing to reflect this morning, since I have no ambition to do anything more, I am considering the notion that some people have 'limits' to how much of life's vagaries they can handle. Looking at it from my viewpoint... many of the things I do, enjoy, and have strong interest in, seem to fall by the wayside when teaching becomes extraordinarily stressful. It's akin to pulling down the reserve charge on a battery; It's not good for much till it recharges.

This week: Admin in ties, fistfights in a furball, vandalism, testing-testing-testing-testing, teaching tough stuff, OOooo... the BIKE project, surprise new assignment, You broke WHAT??, Look me in the eye... and lie to me, Nice time to die you stinking Ford, Teacher go 'Splodey on a kid....

This weekend: Sleep in, Wonderful coffee just wonderful, Cooking good things on the hibachi, How old is the whiskey?, Hit silver with hammers, Watch the bamboo grow.... because that's all I have left in me.


Old NFO said...

In other words, Chinese Interesting... NOT what we need at our age!

Carteach0 said...

It's all good NFO. This weekend is recharging the batteries nicely, and I'll be ready to join the fray Monday morning.

We might be getting on in years, but we still get the job done better than anyone else!