Monday, May 23, 2011


The last full week with students for this school year. A bittersweet time.

Some of them... one can't help but be proud to have had a part in them becoming what they are now. Others..... not so proud.

About last night...

Princess and I are reclining at our leisure, when we hear a fairly significant crunch from down the road a piece. Princess says.. "What was that?", and I reply "A one vehicle accident with heavy damage"... said as I left the front door with cell phone in hand, in my stocking feet as usual.

And.... it was. A young lady in a Jeep found a stone wall of our neighbors. The wall did not move. Parts of the jeep did, like the entire RF undercarriage. If it's not totaled, it's close. The young lady is fine, but sore and shook. Her folks in the Jeep were in better shape. Grand Dad wasn't even the least shook. Tough old bird.

What does it say about my life that I can identify an accident type sight unseen, just by the sound?

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