Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Sunday morning thoughts..... on ME, of course.

Looking at the calendar, graduation looms. I lose the boys in just over two weeks. My school year is over a week or so after that. Comprehending these two points seems to be beyond me just now.

The Carteach compound could use a lawn mower. Just for kicks, I looked on Amazon for one this morning. Not only are they listed, but cheaper than the local big box stores and delivery is free. To see how far I could push that meme.... I checked for sofas. Again, cheaper than local stores and free delivery. I really like living in this age. Now... where the hell is my flying car?

I'm not certain there will be a 'Silver Sunday' today. It's looking like the rain will clear the event calendar for the day, but my muse seems to be on vacation. Normally I can simply go out to my bench and begin hitting things with hammers till the sound attracts an idea..... but even hitting things with hammers may require more dedication than I have just now.

I have not done any shooting in..... well...... months. That is wrongness, and needs to be addressed.

Enough..... must go feed coffee to my brain. Ya'll play nice now, ya here?

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