Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So... that's a new one for me. Blood pressure is spiking from stress at school. I popped a little blood vessel in my left eye.

I look like ^%$#@% Bella Lugosi.

The list of instructors getting hauled in for med work due to stress is growing fast. Sure sign of the time of year. Heart Docs around here probably set their calender by us.


Rev. Paul said...

You may need to stay away from "zombie shoots" for a couple of days. Heh.

Rev. Paul said...

Btw, it wasn't my intent to make light of the issue. Take care of yourself.

Carteach0 said...

No problem Paul, taken with a light heart in the manner it was given.

In any case, I've noticed how whiny and self absorbed I seem to be getting on the blog. More than usual, even for me.

I may just shut up till I get past that failing.

Ted Amadeus said...

This was the advice of a medical proffesional to me on high blood pressure: Long walks, deep breaths, REAL grapefruit juice (not that FAKE pink shit) and remember making a life is just as important as making a living: If the freaking bureaucrats are making your life a hell on earth, maybe it's time to find a better market for your services:
Who is John Galt?

williamthecoroner said...

Caring is a good thing, too much caring is not. Remember what they will say at work after 5 years when your name comes up, CarteachWho? Perspective, my friend. Perspective. And a strong belief in Karma.