Saturday, May 28, 2011

What can we learn from the Guerena murder?

What the 'officers' behaved like.... is a bunch of thugs who fully expected to be breaking down the door of an innocent and unarmed family who could not and would not resist the attack.

What they did NOT behave like... is a team who thought they were breaking into a building with armed criminals. They left themselves utterly exposed, and reacted very surprised indeed when one of their unit initiated the firing (For jumpin jimminies sake... even tech school instructors like I have better SA when we walk through our labs. On the other hand, we are actually held responsible for what happens there, and our career can end if someone gets hurt).

This video tells a story that far outweighs the actual incident, and it begs a few questions.... chiefly, how should a citizen react when faced with such aggression? Recently, courts have moved to say citizens have no legal right to resist an illegal action by the police. In other words, they can kill you without cause and you are supposed to just lay down and die with your mouth shut.

Does this happen often? No. At least... not right now, and not in this country. Has history shown us other places, other times, where it has happened a lot? Oh Hell Yes it has.... to the shame of humanity.

Of course, shame is an emotion not everyone understands, admits to, or cares about. In fact, some people are utterly without shame, living in their own little worlds of self delusion and entitlement. They think they are 'right', and therefor can do no wrong... no matter how many innocent people die as a result of their actions.

You have all met people like this.

In some places, they have given some of them badges, guns, and unlimited authority over the peasants.

So.... what is the proper response from a citizen faced with such murderous and shameless aggression? Shut up, roll over, and die? Fall down and pray for mercy at the hands of the merciless? Look to our elected leaders to act on our behalf... eventually.... long after the innocent are dead and buried?

Or.... 147 grains of AP at 2500 fps? Have we really reached that moment in our society?

To our shame... to our shame.


Crucis said...

Carteach0, it happens more often than you think. There've been four instances in the KC area in the last few years. The two most egregious instances, one where a cop chasing a suspect, entered the wrong hotel room. The occupant, awaken by the entery of the cop, was shot dead. He was unarmed. The suspect was later found in another hotel room. In the other case, KS Sheriff's deputies, on a search warrant, entered the wrong house. A young girl was asleep on the couch and screamed when the deputies broke in the door. The father grabbed an empty 22 rifle and was shot down as he exited his bedroom.

No, such occurrences are not uncommon at all.

Ted Amadeus said...

"Ze uzvek died vhile rezichtink arrest, plebe! Now SHAAT ZE FACK AP und get zubzervient to Der Holy Mother Schtaat or you'll ALZO get gavelt!!!" - Der SchtaatenPolitzei