Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I do it....

I had a former student stop in the other day, back in the building to re-cert his inspection license for the fourth time. A sure sign I am older than dirt.

He's been out in the wild for about 7 years now. After leaving me, he put in his time at a few dealerships, getting more training and learning his trade. A couple years ago he had his fill of working for others, sold everything he owned, and opened his own shop.

Now he's a one man band, working long hours..... and doing really, really well. He knows exactly what he needs to make to pay his expenses, how to keep his customers, and has his eye on the future. He cracks his nut by mid-month, even in today's economy, and the rest goes into the bank.

I can't take credit for what he's made of himself... but all these years later he did stop in, and he did repeat right back to me many of the things I'd said to that class. They stuck, and he's going to be just fine.

Visits like that.... make it all worthwhile.

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Suz said...

Start the summer on a good note...