Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Authorities being video taped.... a thought came to me.

Running errands today, I channel surfed the talk shows and listened one blurb at a time.

Across the airwaves I heard some discussion of a situation in New York State. It seems the police there arrested a woman who was video taping the officers as they did something... a traffic stop I think.

She was in her own yard at the time.

Here's the thought I had: I don't think authorities have any problem at all with video taping themselves or us. It's a safe bet the officer's police car at that incident had a dash cam running, covering the front of the car. It's almost a certainty if we go to the police station in that jurisdiction, we will all be under video surveillance as soon as we pull up out front.

Awe hell.... none of us can walk into Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee without being under video surveillance.... and I have yet to hear of an officer smashing the store camera and arresting the lady pouring coffee.

All those TSA 'officers' caught on tape demanding citizens shut off their video recorders..... every single one of those TSA 'security' checkpoints has hard wired video cameras on every angle.

No... the authorities have no problem at all with video surveillance.

They have a large problem with video surveillance that's
not under their control.


The Big Guy said...

Yep- they are really "The Only Ones", whether you're talking about guns or cameras...

Great article at Gizmodo regarding taping police encounters (yours and other peoples).


Carteach0 said...

Good link TBG, thank you.

The Big Guy said...

This is another interesting site regarding cops and photo/video...

Photography is not a crime