Thursday, June 16, 2011

Because it was necessary, that's why.

Today was field trip day. Some friends and I went to a U-Pull-It salvage yard about an hour North of home. Male bonding, pass me a tea, your truck smells funny... that kind of thing.

Between the four of us, we captured parts for Chevrolet, Ford, Oldsmobile, Mercury, and Corvair.

Now, as I was walking the rows of cars interned in the 'ancient' section, my wandering eye zeroed in on these:

They were laying in the backseat of a 60's era... um.... Volvo, I think. At least, they were laying on the mess that would have been the backseat area. The car had no windows left, so reaching them was a matter of leaning over and poking around a little.

I had this vision of a clockmaker toddling along, and getting sideswiped in an accident... his extra parts box going to the yard with the car. Then, noting the precision gears are rather large for a clock, I had another thought. Someplace.... somewhere... somewhen..... Robby is going "Whir.. BZZzzttt.... clunk... SCREEECH...... Damn"

In any case, I carefully gathered all you see from the wreckage and carried them along in some found coffee cups. It cost me $5 to liberate them from their prison grounds. At home, a run through the ultrasonic cleaner and then out to dry.

What will I do with them? I really have no idea. They may end up involved in some artwork. They may... just live in a cigar box till I have a burning desire for tiny gearing. No matter what I do with them, it's better than letting the rust weasels get them, or having them go to the crusher.

Bobbi will understand why I had to buy them.


og said...

Some of those are dividing gears for a watchmakers lathe. Most specifically, the ones with numbers on them resemble gears I had with my watchmakers lathe years ago.

Carteach0 said...

I thought the numbered ones were index gears of some kind. I'll research them a little before they get turned into 'something'. I don't expect they are particularly valuable, but I like to see good tooling used well.

og said...

Good for you. A great save.

The pity, is that there are good odds that some miscreant stole these things, and had them in the car when it was abandoned or towed to the yard. Nobody who owned these and knew what they were would have allowed them to be dragged off to a scrapheap.

Drang said...

Hmmm, steampunky jewelry? (If you can't find someone with a watchmakers' lathe in need of parts.