Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I call BULL on this story....


So..... Some guy robs a bank of $1, just so he can get free health care. Naturally, if it's reported like that, it fits the 'Government Health Care' agenda perfectly, and Big Media sucks it up like a CongressCritter sucks up lobbyist supplied 20 year old Scotch.

The thing is.... the story is BS.

The real story? The guy had more free health care than he could shake a stick at. In fact, his 'free' health care is likely better than what my 'Fully-Insured-Cause-I-Work-My-Ass-Off-For-It' butt gets.

Of course.... that doesn't fit the agenda.... so it gets left out of the news stories.

Remind me please... what exactly does 'journalistic ethics' mean again?


P. Henry Saddleburr said...

Journalistic Ethics?


Walter Cronkite buried it near the old bridge at Chappaquidick.

Ted Amadeus said...

Journalistic ethics died with Edward R. Murrow...incase Dan Rather(biassed) & Jayson Blair didn't tip you off years ago. It's not news anymore, it's propaganda, and that mostly socialist-flavored!