Friday, June 10, 2011

Motivation? I got yer motivation right here!

I'm told our tie wearing cat herders are searching for a 'motivational speaker' to energize us at the beginning of the coming school year. There is apparently a 'budget item' for this.

Well, I volunteer, and I'll do it fer nuthin. It will go something like this:

Motivation? I'm supposed to say things that will make you want to jump up and rush to your classroom, eager to give it your all.....

How about we try this one on for size then, and see how it fits..


Take off your &$%#@$& crap stain glasses and look out the window. You see the people out there in the real world? One out of five has no job at all! Almost all of them are sweating over paying their minimum bills just to survive. NONE of them, aside from politicians and union @#$%(&^% are getting 'raises', and the cost of living is skyrocketing. The dollar is worth half what it was a few years ago, and that's why everything costs twice as much as a few years ago. Got that, Sparkles? EVERYONE is getting screwed in this economy but the people who made it happen.

I got news for you... YOU are already the lucky ones! You hear me? You are the LUCKY Ones already! You have a stable job doing something worthwhile. As long as kids want to come to your programs, and administration doesn't do something totally ignorant and stupid... your cushy job is safe. Yes, you have to spend your day dealing with nasty teenagers and asinine paperwork, but look out there! THOSE people spend their days wondering how to pay the rent and whether they have enough gas to get home tonight. Some of them are wondering where they will be sleeping next week!

You people want to bitch about how hard you work? You want to complain about stupid school policies designed solely to make some tie-guy feel powerful? You want to whine about the utter entitled neediness of the kids shoved through the system into your laps? I got news for you.... keep up your bitching, and it could very easily end for you. YOU can go join those people out there looking for a job and wondering if you'll lose your home next month.

You want motivation? Here's your motivation:
The world sucks, and you are one step away from being dumped into the center of the suckage. Shut up, get to work, and pray this $#@% storm passes by without wiping out the whole school system.... and all your jobs with it.


Ted Amadeus said...

Ten. Dash. Four!!!

williamthecoroner said...

Needs to be said, but it will never happen.

Crucis said...

Our local school is doing reasonably well as far as budget goes. But...tenure reform is coming. It was discussed in the last legislative session but too late to get anything done in that session. But, it'll be near the top of the list come the fall.

It's a coming trend. Idaho or Montana (I've forgotten which) abolished tenure and replaced it with a merit system. It's coming soon to a state near you.

Carteach0 said...

All tenure means in our school is they need a *reason* to fire an instructor. Those reasons are very easy to find, or manufacture. Other than that, it's meaningless here.

Crucis said...

In KC, tenure equals retention of the suckups and incompetents. The good teachers soon learn to get outa the district as soon as possible.

Ami said...

Love it.
And it's so right. Of course it highlights my own feeling that things are bad, going to get worse, and I hate to say it, I don't think they're going to ever get better.

Just call me negative. Cynical. Pissed as hell.