Monday, June 13, 2011

Not a doubt in my mind......

I am not built to be alone, yet I am not good with 'people' at all.

Translate to: It's in my makeup to need a woman in my life who's decent, honest, intelligent, and patient. Preferably close in my life, as in 'reach out at night and touch' close.

Taken as a whole, I have been lucky most of my life in this. 'Most' means more than 50%... taken as a whole. I'm not going to recount the lot of them... that would be bad. The crazy ones would hunt me down and spew insanity in my direction, and another would probably be hurt, which is something I do not wish.

All that said......

Who, what, and where would I be without Princess in my life right now? All it takes is an evening alone to make me ask those questions. Apparently that edge is closer than I realized.

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