Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Petard, hoisted by, center stage....

I love the political irony of this, even if it's a bit like watching the band members arguing over seating while the Titanic slides under the sea.

Democrats have been whining about their wish for a 'clean' debt ceiling bill to vote on. So... the Republicans gave them one. Not one thing attached, just a bill to raise the national debt. Exactly what the Democrats demanded.

Now the D's are whining hugely.... about being given exactly what they demanded. "Sputter sputter but but but.... you CAN'T give us what we demanded! Now we have to go on record!"

Of course the D's folded like a cheap umbrella, and the bill failed miserably. My Good Lord, I wish we could funnel all the hot air from DC into a wind-energy farm. Those jerks could power the eastern seaboard.

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Crucis said...

And a bunch of dems, including Polosi and Hoyer, voted AGAINST raising the debt limit!

Pure politics. They think they can now blame the 'Pubs for it's failure to pass.