Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pro: Only going to mid 80's today. Way better than the 'melt down' temps of the last few days.

Con: It's cooler because it's supposed to storm and rain all day. My back yard looks like a tropical jungle, complete with bamboo, vines, and snakes big enough to eat stray cats. Seriously.... give me a cat and I'll show you.

Pro: I can go work in the shop, and turn metal into jewelry. Torching and beating metal is always a joyful thing.

Con: My mood is as cloudy as the day, and I'll probably end up with pieces that reflect that.


CalvinsMom said...

Make me a nice pair of brass knuckles. *spit*

Grrrrr. Even coffee isn't helping this morning.

Carteach0 said...

AbraCadabra..... you are a pair of brass knuckles.

For your next wish?

CalvinsMom said...

Bail me outta jail, 'cause I am fixin' to go kali ma on a whole series of people!