Thursday, June 23, 2011

Self centered ruminations....

Me-blogging going on here. Nothing to see. Move along folks, move along.

Thinking back over what's turned into years of blogging. In that time, I have maintained at least two blogs.... one of 'shooty' topics for those so inclined, and another blog centered around commentary and me-stuff.

The shooty blog gets readers. A bunch of them. I place the blame for that on efforts to keep the informative, educational, and above personal politics.
(I won't claim to have thought up this method of blogging.... I swiped it wholesale from my unwitting blog-mama, Tam. Don't blame her for me, she had no idea what was happening.)

The personal blog.... This one has gone through at least four iterations as life has smacked me around. Mostly public, sometimes... rarely.... private, and for a time heavily censored to suit another. This blog, the personal one, doesn't get so many readers. In fact, it levels out to about 10% of the shooty blog readership.

All that said, here is the real heart of my thoughts this morning concerning my blogging: The people closest to me in my life have never, ever, been readers of my blogs.

Oh, they know of them, but simply don't read them. I fail to understand that. I've had someone close who was a writer... and I soaked up every word as quick as they appeared. The person was important to me, so how could the words not be important?

When I had a wife, when I first began blogging, she didn't bother to read what I wrote. When I mentioned over coffee I was writing some poetry on my blog, the notion was greeted with laughter. I have three sons. To the best of my knowledge, none ever read here. The woman closest to me now.... can't find this blog unless I send her a link to something here. The last woman in my life, deeply involved in blog life herself, appeared to read my words every few days..... maybe.... and never at all now. My teaching partner of the last ten years... has some vague comprehension that I write something on-line.

About this whole situation, I am up in the air. Do I care? Should I care? Does it mean anything to care about?

It's as if I have two separate lives. This one on-line, where no one really cares about what I do in meat-ville, and the life out here in the 'big wide real' where no one gives a rats patootie about anything I write on-line.

As I began with........ Me-Blogging...... Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.


CalvinsMom said...

There are a few...crossovers to meatspace.


Peter said...

Frankly, I prefer your 'me' blog to the 'bang' blog. But that's just me . . .

BTW, thanks for both!

Anonymous said...

"Oh, they know of them, but simply don't read them. I fail to understand that."

Have you ever read Neptunus Lex's blog? I follow his blog regularly and after this remarkable post, I e-mailed him and asked him what his daughter thought now that he had this post up in front of god and everyone.

He wrote me back and said she never would never read it. That stunned me. Even in families that hate each other at least they bother to communicate through screaming at each other, no?

Mepis said...

Your daughter in law reads you blog all of the time, and occasionally shows it to your oldest. <3 Amanda