Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And now for something completely different.....

We are away, in a strange land. Strange for me at least. Not as many people here speak English as I had hoped, and I am hopeless with Spanish. Thankfully, nonverbal communications work very, very well.

I had expected to have my magical mystical crazy smart phone for so many uses. GPS to find our way, a translation program for when I got really stuck, maps, internet, OH the JOYS of modern life! Sadly.... all those wonderful data-driven life enhancing services are dead here. Nothing works on that blasted pocket computer BUT the phone, and the camera. When I checked with Verizon they assured full coverage on this island, including 3G. They lied. A lot.

So.... we make do, and it's not that big a chore. People are kind to idiots, and life is a little looser here in many ways.

Here I am.... understanding maybe one word in 30, no link to the world in my pocket, cut off from support and data. It's not the wilds of Borneo, and there is no real problem... but the isolation will be an interesting study in the coming weeks.

More later, when I am able. Ya'll take care now, and keep a light on for us, ya hear?

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Bob said...

Have fun! Or as much fun as you can in that sweltering place in July.