Thursday, July 28, 2011

A few words to people who build web sites.....


After spending a few moments looking up recipes for grilling peppers over a fire, I think this needs to be said...

Commercial web site designers.... If I land on your site, and it opens another box or page I didn't want.... I will likely leave your site, unless you have something there I really, really want to see.

If your site opens up two unasked for additions..... you can color me gone even if you are giving away free gold plated chocolate bars shipped in envelopes made from origami'ed $100 bills.

There.... that's been said.


Rev. Paul said...

You need to let go & say what you really feel, big guy - don't make us guess.

That said, I agree with you whole-heartedly. The worst offender here is the local newspaper. Every click on a headline produces a pop-up (which somehow Firefox won't block) and a pop-under. I won't go there anymore.

Bryn said...

May I suggest Firefox with the NoScript addon? It does take some time to train it to your own pattern of use, but you can block the source of the popups to a level where your normal daily browsing is as you would wish it.
Combine it with AdBlock Plus, and you'd be amazed how uncluttered your screen is.... :-)