Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here a week... give or take.

Sorely wish I could post pictures. Last night I had a discussion with the family computer here, and it's learned a new respect for 'The Damn Yankee'. It works twice as fast and no longer reports user data to forty eleven outside entities. That said, I still don't know what would happen should I hook my camera to it. I have more data storage in flash cards than this laptop has on it's entire hard drive.

We've been spending our days toddling around and exploring. Theres 500 miles of Puerto Rico driving under my belt now, and it's likely I shall never... EVER... complain about Lancaster traffic again. Most roads are 1.5 cars wide, with on street parking. Should you find a long stretch of open road with nice shade trees, the most likely thing you'll find there will be a tempoary police road block / revenue enhancement / bribe distribution center. So far, our GPS unit has not missed sending us down a single alley in the entire town of San German. We have traveled safely through the worst parts of town... as the utter shock of seeing dos loco Americanos in their fancy rental car creep by serves as our shield.

Staying with Princess's family here is.... interesting, but I may book us into a beach resort for a few days. I like the idea of that kind of relaxing, and not driving anyplace for a while. NOTHing more tension creating than waving a passing waitress over and asking for another cervesa delivery to the beach.

This is an interesting place, and an interesting vacation.... and home looks better every day.

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Old NFO said...

LOL- Yep, PR IS a different place... did my time there in and out of Roosy Roads...