Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sure, it's a rental house... but.....

I know a lot of people won't understand this. In fact, quite a few will think its nuts... or worse... stupid. I just spent the last few hours repairing the back deck on this house. Screwing down warped boards, routering edges, running a belt sander over railings and board ends, putting the first coat of stain/sealer on...

I spent a few hours on it yesterday too, and over the past year I've pressure washed it four times, bleaching it twice.

Why? Because it needed doing.

When we moved in, the deck and patio were dark green with algae and slick as a skating rink. I don't think they had been cared for in many years. That.... affronted my sense of 'How It Should Be'. Things should be taken care of, maintained, minded...... just...... someone should care enough to treat them right.

Even if it's a rental property.

Before we left for vacation, I chipped, scraped, sanded, and painted the front porch and pillars.

Because.... it needed done, and it was worth doing.


ZerCool said...

Wait, you mean you take some pride in ownership/caretaking? How dare you!

When we moved out of our last apartment the landlord and I did a final walkthrough. She refunded my security deposit on the spot and told me the apartment looked better than it ever had. It only took a morning or two of work - a little scrubbing, patch a few tiny nail holes, vacuum and shampoo the carpet.

We had to mow the lawn as part of our lease. I bought (and kept when we moved) a trimmer so I could get the edges cleaned up. Just common sense.

M*A said...

This brings back memories of a conversation I had with a woman more than 30 years ago. I was out weeding and mowing the lawn of a house where we rented an apartment. The woman asked me if we bought the house. I said no. She looked at me totally confused and asked "well then, why are you doing all this?". My answer then as would be now, "because I live here".

It's a matter of pride..the good kind.

suz said...

This should be normal, but sadly it's not. BH and I are NOT neat freaks, by anybody's standards, but our last landlord was sad to see us go. When did routine maintenance become extraordinary?

Old NFO said...

Ah yes... responsibility :-) Thank you for doing the RIGHT thing!!!