Monday, July 4, 2011


235 years ago, backed by the best army and navy in the world, a lawful government ordered our ancestors to surrender their arms and submit.

Our people, at least some of them, stood up and said NO, we will not submit to unjust law, and we WILL keep our arms, and use them in our own defense as is our right as humans.

Americans have been fighting that war ever since, with battles both home and abroad.

Always remember, and never forget; Governments do not 'give' rights. They either recognize them, or they don't. They either protect and honor them, or they don't. A government can never give a human right, nor take it away. They can ignore them, protect them, or punish them... that is all.

This nation was formed as the direct result of a government which did not recognize the right of a people to exist freely, un-oppressed, and strive for themselves towards their own goal. This nation exists expressly because another thought it could enslave the American people.

What is your freedom worth to you?

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Old NFO said...

And lately it seems like we are LOSING the battle here at home...