Friday, July 22, 2011

Which path.......


Back from a vacation both long and unusual for me. Out of the country... sorta kinda.... and thrust into a strange environment. It was a weird duality; Stressful at times while relaxing at others. The trip served to recharge my mass storage of stories to tell, and built quite a few memories worth having.

Now... back... and once again connected into a web of information. Not gone long enough for the re-entry to become a drowning situation, but still a mild shock at what I can see come across the wires.

I was not 'positive' about out our nations/worlds financial and social situations before I left on vacation. Now, coming back from hiatus and swimming once again into the pool of news and information, I conclude I was irrationally exuberant and upbeat before. My limited vision and intellect tell me we are all headed for significant hard times.

Now, I ask myself over my luxurious cup of fresh roasted Maricau coffee.... what should I be doing about it? Not globally, not nationally, and hardly even locally.... but very personally?

My career is spent doing exactly what I love to do.... teach young people preparing to burst out upon life, or in some cases flop back on mommies couch. I love what I do, and where I do it, and I have no intention of leaving it behind. Our school administration has seen changes in the last few years, and a large degree of stability has vanished. At last count, thirty five highly experienced and trained people have left our institution in the last two years. Surrounding school systems reap the benefits of that exodus, and gloat over their fortune. We were the best in the state at what we do. Were.

So far, it has not effected me, or my job, greatly. My program is successful, orderly, is mostly low on the radar but still shines with an exceptional glow as required. They are mostly leaving us alone.

I am staying right where I am, and doing exactly what I love... and will retire from that class room some day... if allowed to.

Past the career... how best to prepare for what I suspect is coming? Financial impacts, social upheaval, personal security, comfort and stability... there is much to study, much to learn, and I fear there is little time left to do it in.

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Old NFO said...

Keep saving and buying ammo, that is my new mantra...