Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I lay down my Nook long enough to jot a post, this being it. To explain, I have set aside my electronic reader, which stores now in excess of 350 books, and upon which I am reading 'King Solomon's Mines', a story first published in 1885. I downloaded this book for free from 'The Gutenberg Project', upon the recommendation of a wise friend I have met in person only a few times, as he wrote about it on his 'blog'. Now I comment upon same on my own blog, which is available to an uncaring world nearly as fast as I record it.

The irony of all this does not escape me.

I do this as I mull over in my mind the events of the day. To whit... a nearly epic screwing from my employer in the form of an unconscionable act of bad faith, all in an effort to avoid spending a small sum of money as contracted and due. This act of bad judgement comes at such an incredibly poor moment as to quite possible end my career as an instructor in 'public' school.

On the other hand, my glass contains the remains of a bottle of rather good Canadian whiskey, and I seem not too put out by the days injuries. I am blessed with time, and a good reputation, and some skills. Perhaps the future shall prove recent events to be a blessing, as happens far more often than I deserve.

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og said...

Glad you're having fun with Gutenberg. I'm confident you'll like King Solomon's Mines. I hope for you that the BS burden lightens, but i know this is your time to go back to the mines, so you're in my thoughts and prayers.