Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day three....

It's the third day of the school year, and I managed to sleep in til almost 6am this morning. I didn't wake up with thoughts careening around my head regarding how to work with this student or that student.... guess I'm getting used to this after ten years.

I was discussing a notion with a few other instructors yesterday, about how the incoming class wasn't bringing us any surprises. Sure... any number of young people who need special handling, especially after eleven years of being ground down under typical 'public education'. As old farts, we have been there and done that. We know how to help the kids learn and grow, and have experience enough to pick up on their needs from day one.

And.... that is what the school suffers lost every time an experienced instructor leaves. It loses kids... kids who would have been supported if the instructor was more experienced.

Nobody wants their vehicle worked on by the mechanic who's in his first month of his career, and still learning the basics of the trade, even if it does cost less to hire him. Money spent to do the job wrong is money twice wasted.

In other thoughts... I have hopes for an excellent year with these students. Some are already showing signs of intelligence and talent, only a few days in. Also, yesterday I asked the class "Who has a job already?" and forty of fifty hands went up. These are high school seniors! I am so impressed!

In other, OTHER thoughts, I think this year I will take advantage of staying late each day and getting all the work done.... by not going IN early every day too. In ten years not one person has said thank you for working an extra few weeks a year, an hour or two a day. I'm slow, but I learn eventually.

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