Friday, August 12, 2011


Someone asked me what I thought of the Republican debate last night.

Well.... here's my reply: I did not watch the debate.

I don't own a television. I don't have cable nor satellite. If by some evil chance I did have those things, I still would not have watched the debate.

You see... it was just politicians talking. That's worse than a waste of O2. Based on past history, the odds of them saying anything substantial, or even anything true for that matter, are so vanishingly small as to be ignored. Watching them in a debate is worse than useless, it's almost sure to be misleading, destructive, and insulting.

What do I think of the Republican candidates? Instead of wading through their prevarications and blathering, instead look to their track record of deeds.... if they have one.

What do I think of the Republican candidates?

What I think is this: Is that the bast the party has to offer for leadership of our nation? Really? Really??

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