Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hippo Birdy to him!

Good news everyone! The President is turning 50 soon, and what a youthful and suave 50 year old he is! To celebrate, he's holding a birthday dinner exclusively for millionaires and billionaires, where they will each pay $35,000 for the honor of being in his company.

O'hare airport will soon be utterly swamped with corporate jets as the President's bestest buddies come bearing gift$ and good wi$hes.


Suz said...

Politics be damned! Two ewes to you too! I Love Boynton!

Thomas said...

Better yet, I heard from RedState that the DNC stiffed the unions, and had Dear Leader's birthday party at a non-union venue! Too bad, I love the thought of the party crashing to a halt because all of the bartenders went on break at the same time.