Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love the big brown truck of happiness...

I expect a package today, and I love that. Whether it's a new order of cigars, a kewl shooty toy, or a box of ammo from to review.... the squeaky brakes on the BBT of happiness are a joy to my ears.

This time it should be a brandy new flashlight, to replace my last carry flashlight. My old Nu-flare survived months of daily carry, and frequent loans to mechanically inclined high teenagers.... but it didn't survive the US Postal Service.

On a recent vacation off the mainland, I had concerns the TSA would find my small flashlight too shiny to bear parting with, and would steal it at airport security. So, I mailed it to my destination, along with a few other things to fill the small priority mail box.

The box arrived a few days after we did, but..... it had been opened and badly repackaged with tape and rubber bands. Missing, the only two things of any real value. My flashlight, and a piece of jewelry I had created as a gift to our host.

I had misjudged the danger of theft. The TSA (both coming and going) could not have cared less what was in the carry on luggage. I could have had a small nuclear device for all the attention they paid to the bags. The Post Office, on the other hand.....

In any case, I needed a new flashlight, so one was ordered from Time to try something new to me... so I ordered an offering from Feneix. The PD30R2, with 235 retina burning lumens and just enough neat features to meet my requirements.

Look for a review on Carteach0 :-)

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Bryn, North Wales, UK said...

Ok, I'm annoyed again.... You can get this in the USA for US$58.00... In Britain the price goes up to £48.00 sterling (c.US$80.00).

I could import it, but the UK customs taxes would wipe out the savings...

Every time I se something like this, my loathing & hatred of Big Gov/Big Taxes goes up another notch.