Sunday, August 14, 2011

Made this yesterday..... scraps

Scraps. I made this ring from a scrap of splashed silver left over after pouring some molten metal into water. That, and a purple topaz I had ordered on whim.

Using scraps.... using everything..... wasting nothing. These are skills our grandparents had, and ones they relied on to survive. Make do, don't spend money, work hard, luxuries can wait, don't take help unless you must, be ready to help when asked.

Where are these values today? Now, we will need them more than ever... and where are they?


TenMile said...

Waiting. That's why Nixion called them the "Silient Majority."

Suz said...

Is that for sale? If so, how big is it, and could you show it from more angles? I'm drooling on my keyboard here, and I rarely wear rings because my hands are NOT pretty!

(Yes, I see the irony. But some luxuries are worth the sacrifice.)

Carteach0 said...

Yes, it's for sale. I think it can be a comfortable fit from sizes 6 to 8. Since it's an open claw ring, I can change the size pretty easily in that range.

Suz... you know your price is less, right?