Monday, August 29, 2011

The power is back on!

Spent a little while without power, a gift from Irene.

This will call for some after action re-think of procedures and preparations.
We were 90% fine for a short spell without pressurized electrons, but some tweaking is in order. Biggest so far... I did not provide for making coffee without electricity.

It may call for a post, to discuss the options.


Anonymous said...

Get yerself a percolator. It heats on a grill. Or, if you want to be fawncy, a french press. Heat the water on the grill.

Yes, this still means you need a grill to heat the water.

Drang said...

My preferences with no power are
1) Starbuck's Via, which is pricey fo rinstant, but they make it fomr good coffee, so it's good coffee that happens to be instant, or
2) Coffee bags, like Folgers' Coffee Singles. Used 'em for years in the Army, heating water on a camp stove or heat tab.