Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today I did a rough add-up of the drawings in the Carteach0 fund raiser for The Wounded Warrior Project. This is by no means final, nor even a perfect counting. It's close though.

Remember, each ticket represents $5 donated towards the WWP. Note also, the number of tickets do not add up to the total donations as a number of folks chose not to take advantage of the drawings.

Now... keep in mind that 'Ol Carteach is fallible, and may have slipped a few bits here and there. I fully expect anyone catching a mistake to speak up. My plans for the final counting including printing every single e-mail and and hand writing each ticket as indicated. I can't imagine much else will get done that day (g).

  • DragonWorks holster: 53
  • Moonstone bracelet: 79
  • Blackhawk holster 22
  • Laserlyte LCP laser 15
  • Laserlyte PF9 laser 4
  • Gun Bible 11
  • Collectors NASCAR 9
  • 1878 Silver dollar 22
  • AR15 Magazines 16
  • Sentry Solutions Armorers kit 20
  • Sentry Solutions Gear care kit 22

These will be updated as we get closer to the drawings, and brought to an accurate accounting.

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