Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Friday? Really?

'Cause it feels like Saturday to me! Fours day at school, and then a four day weekend, and then another four day school week*. Funny thing... my to-do list today is longer now, than it was most days during the Summer when I had off.

Couple doings of late, in this grand web-log of me life...

The fund raiser over at Carteach0 to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project is coming along well. So far over $500 has already been put into the Project's coffers from the silliness I began, and much more is hoped for. A few brave and intelligent bloggers have taken a place at the drum and linked the fund raiser.... but there is room for more (HINT HINT HINT!). The fund raiser is set up so no money is handled... and I like it muchly that way. It all goes right to the Wounded Warrior Project through their own donation channels, and I just handle keeping track. The end of this month, I'll hold a drawing on video for the prizes, post it, and make with the shipping. Looking at peoples wishes so far... it's going to be a quick drawing. Almost all the tickets have been placed on the piece I donated myself, with a few more on the cleaning/lube kits from Sentry Solutions and the magazines from John Rost. That said, I should also mention that several of the donors have specified their names not be in the drawing, as they just wanted to give $$ and make the counter go up. Shooters is good people!

Oh.... and the current distribution of entries means someone could actually win a LaserLyte side mount laser for their Ruger LCP with nothing more than a $5 donation! Just mentioning that.

On the personal front... This may be my last year teaching public tech-ed. The school admin has managed an act of official arrogance and fiscal bad faith that just may have blown my career out of the water. Not intended that way, I am sure, but collateral damage is of less importance to them than their shiny new cu$tom made furniture in their shiny cu$tom made office suites. It's complicated... which is why I say it's likely not on purpose. Understanding exactly what they have done is probably beyond their abilities. One should never assign to conspiracy what may be better explained by incompetence.

So... what shall I do in a year or so, when this comes to a head? Probably seek a position teaching at the post secondary level. Those opportunities have come up before, and I always declined. Perhaps it's time to take them seriously.

The best part of that will be informing my ex-wife that her free ice cream machine is about to break down, and her sucking at the support tit is over for the foreseeable future. Should you see her around... feel free to mention it to her. Just, be ready to duck and hide. Things could get ugly when the shopping express is threatened.

To their plus side, school admin has initiated the brilliant cost cutting maneuver of banning instructors from having coffee makers in the programs... as a means of 'saving electricity'. I am certain this executive decision was made while standing around the huge tax payer funded restaurant grade multi-burner coffee brewing machine which graces the administration suites. I understand they may, in an act of solidarity with the little people, make their staff Barista a part time position.

*(Before anyone gets their privates bound up, instructors are only paid for days worked... there ARE NO paid days off. Our contract does not specify yearly salary, nor even days worked... but hourly pay just like any other working schlub)

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