Friday, September 16, 2011

School Daze....

  • Yesterday I got word I (and a few others) have been ordered to attend a future one day conference in another part of the state. This party is being thrown by the dept of edurkation. Should be a hoot. Not asked if I wanted to attend. Told to. Doesn't that just put me in a ducky mood?
  • Yesterday also marked my first call to a parent of the year, to my shame. I should have called them all by now, to start off on a good positive note. Not this time.... the young person in question will have some 'splainin to do when he gets home.
  • We've been losing a student a day this week, all with the same 'reason' We just do way too much work in our program. Seriously.... that is exactly what they are saying. Textbooks, theory lessons, notes, hard questions, lots of writing, lots of hands on work, daily mental challenges..... it's all just too overwhelming. A hand full of snookems are bailing out, and looking for an easier path to a lifetime on Mom's couch. Future liberal Democrat voters, I suppose, looking for easy hand outs and some 'sharing of the wealth'.
  • A few have told me I make their 'brains hurt'.... which I consider high compliment indeed. I told them that, and shook their hands in thanks.
  • Mid Term progress reports go out the end of next week.... ALREADY. Holy Time Warp Schoolman! This year.... it will be a bloodbath, with at least a dozen failing hard half way through the first semester. I expect we shall get called on the carpet over that, and demands will be made to explain why. I find it hard to care this year, about the administrations opinion anyway. Let them bluster and spew moronity. I'll just smile and shove their own %$#@!#%$ grading standards back under their noses.
  • Today is Friday.... and I am glad.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, it's been ONE of those weeks... Hang in there Art!