Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Winter is coming....

I made the call this afternoon.... the one to my firewood guy. It's that time of year again.

"Hey Art... Gotta tell you.... I can get you some now, but I won't be able to supply you all Winter. It's flying out as fast as we can split it, and we'll run out of seasoned wood by late Fall".

From what I can see around here, folks are sweating a lean Winter. Money is tight all round, and $500 for 3/4 a tank of heating oil is a tough pill to swallow. Especially when an old house might need a tank full every six weeks in a cold Winter.

So I'm looking at buying three cords over the next three weeks, if he can supply it. Between that and what I get in my spare time, we'll be warm all winter for a lot less cash than otherwise. Still, I'll have to fill the oil tank, and that's going to ouch a lot.

In other news, school is going at full blast +30% extra. My program has seen five students quit already, with several coming right out and admitting why. "This is WAY too much work". Looks like 11 years of butt sitting didn't prepare some of the youngens for how we do things. Tough.

On the bright side.... I'm seeing some glimmers of brilliance here and there. Third week in, and I'm already hitting them with higher order thinking challenges and pushing their envelopes. Several are pushing back, and it looks like I will have to stay stepping this year to keep ahead of them... again.

Other career news.... I gather the school secretary got wind of my situation, and what the school administration has done to me. There were some glistening eyes as we talked, having only a moment. Mom (I call her Mom) has a big, big heart.... and looks after everyone there. She's good people, and it bothers me a lot to see her upset.

I had to be honest with her.... after what they did, I'm not sure I can 'fix' the problems, or that I even want to.

Time will tell. I'll say this... I'm not losing sleep over it. I was looking for work when I took that job, and I'll be looking for work when I leave. I gave them my heart and soul.... and that was my mistake alone. I mistook a cold and calculating business relationship for a professional team environment with extraordinary people. Now the extraordinary people are slipping away at an increasing pace, and the team is disintegrating.


Suz said...

I coined a phrase for that: "The Curse of Suzy." Join a great team,and Things. Fall. Apart.

{Karma did kick one of my former employers in the balls, though. I got a job selling cars once. (Now THERE'S a wholesome environment. want me to list the cliched stereotypes I had to work with?) Somewhere along the way I told a few salesmen about my job search, and named a dealership where the manager was almost human. Management didn't like my tendency to be honest with the customers, so they started blatantly sabotaging my transactions, pressuring me to quit. I did. Within three months their best four salesmen were working at the other dealership I had mentioned.}

It took me a few years and a few mom-jobs to realize it's not just me; that's the way things are these days. With no loyalty to good workers, they take what you offer and throw you under the bus. Some people call me a sucker, but I respect the gal in the mirror.

Old NFO said...

Suz is correct, loyalty has gone the way of the dodo... especially in the school system!

Carteach0 said...

Yup, and I recognize the problems I see coming as my own fault. I've always been a sucker for believing people are better than they really are.

I doubt I'll ever learn. So be it. Maybe it's a lesson I'm not suited to learn.