Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zombies at 4 O'clock and shambling fast.


Humans is funny creatures indeed. Should one speak of being prepared for economic or social disaster, then that person is a freakish militia wannabe to be waved off as a borderline fruitcake. On the other hand, should that same person speak instead of an onrushing Zombie Apocalypse, and preparations for such, then that person is merely taking part in an enjoyable urban social game, and may be looked at as rather hip.

Whatever..... Here are some thoughts on the rapidly approaching 'Zombie Apocalypse'. Yea... that's it... zombies. That's the ticket,

  • Housing... shelter... place to stay... the difference between fighting over a big cardboard box and being warm and safe. What happens to where you live if your job ends tomorrow because the world econo..... um... 'Zombies' shut your employer down hard? Will you have a place to live? Give some thought to bad times, including loss of your main income, and the place you call home. Are you living in a place that you can maintain if your income was sliced in two from job loss? Is it a place that is even somewhat defensible if your every other neighbor is destitute and desperate? (You know... like Zombies man). Making a change now while money still has value, and is available to some degree, might make sense. So does living way, way below one's means now.... because 'means', they are a changing.
  • Speaking of the place you call home.... do you have a plan in place if the ever present electrical genies take a vacation one day? Recent weather issues have given millions of people in the US an idea what it's like to live without power for a while.... and it wasn't pretty. It can be hard to understand exactly how dependent on electron flow we really are. It's well known that Zombies will always kill the power if they can.... and our electrical system is far weaker than most understand. Try and live without power for a few days, and see where the weakest links in your plan are. I mean, quite literally, throw the mains and shut it down. Add to that... only having the cash which was in your pocket at the time. Further the zombie survival experiment by assuming there is no electricity service within 200 miles of your home. No ATM's, no cell phones, no internet, no well pump, no furnace, no fridge, no stove, no coffee maker, no hot water heater, no garage door opener, no alarm systems, no 911, no nothing that involves electricity you didn't make yourself.
  • Food..... so basic to survival during the zombie apocalypse. Given hard enough times, one might either have food, or BE food... metaphorically speaking. Where does your food come from? If that supply line dried up next week, what choices would you have left? Let's say that 'Zombies' tore up the economic realities of our infrastructure and it's supply lines by eating all the truck drivers, much the same as if diesel fuel suddenly turned wildly expensive from world economic gyrations.... no, wait, that was zombies... . right. What is your plan? Empty the cupboards and take a look. Pretend, for one sad moment, that what you see is what you will have for the next few months... or the next year. Let us say.... not only will that can of sardines and four boxes of cereal be your entire diet, but your neighbors will regard you as well off indeed, and worthy of a little forceful wealth sharing. Just speaking in a fun seeking manner as we playfully discuss 'The Coming Zombie Apocalypse', wouldn't it be a good idea to stock away something enjoyable to eat while we hunker down behind boarded up windows? 'Twould be nice if it was something long lasting and nourishing as well, and flavor never hurt. I've always said... A boiled stick would taste good with enough gravy on it. The thing is.... all this stuff is available right now, at reasonable prices, and the last I checked most folks plan on continuing to eat for some time to come. Exactly why wouldn't one begin stocking up now?
  • Weapons...... well, ain't we just the crazy ones ! (Giggle snork). Sure, we can talk about those scary weapon thingies.... since we are only talking about a make believe Zombie Apocalypse.... right? Not some kind of economic upheaval that leaves millions of people without work or income, and a bankrupt government that can't print money fast enough to put out the fires.... because that never happens.... right? So... weapons..... 'Anti-Zombie' weapons.... okay. What have you got? If it goes bang, can you supply it's needs? Let's say the local zombie defense league decides your right of self defense no longer exists and come to take away your means of doing so... do they know what you have? Will they find it easily, or will they find what you want them to find... and miss what matters most? No matter your answers.... you must first question your own ability and will to defend yourself and your loved ones. It's a basic human instinct that some factions of our society have been attempting to breed out of us for millennium, and for the most part have failed. As for how to arm oneself to survive societal upheav.... um.... a zombie apocalyspe...... that is a topic worthy of long study, debate, and consideration. Might I suggest, if one is still capable of understanding the concept of self defense, that one could do worse than a simple and economical pump action shotgun.... and enough ammunition to train with it at least monthly? I understand zombies hate shotguns. If one can deal with that and not crap one's pants in hysteria, then perhaps one might move on to other means of defense.... but no matter what, consider it NOW, not later, and especially not too much later.
  • How about income? Moola, dinero, cash, folding green, grease, sheckles... you know... the stuff we all use to trade for what we actually need in life. Got any? Got enough? Will you have enough tomorrow? Think that retirement fund is big enough... safe enough? Are you SURE it's not invested in bonds the Administration... um... 'zombies'.. will make worthless tomorrow, in favor of their buddies, like they just did to all the little people who had GM bonds in their retirement portfolios? No matter that answer... how about right now? How many income streams do you have? That means... how many sources of income are in your life... something well worth considering. If it's one job... or one check a month from a deeply bankrupt government, what will you do if it ends tomorrow? Now is a fine time to take stock of the answer to that question, and start expanding on the answer. It makes wonderful good sense to have more than one means of making money... and having some skills people will pay for if paper pushing no longer has much value. Remember... cash is just paper, and not good for much if no one wants it. It's only real value is in desire, and human desire can be a fickle thing in the face of hunger and fear.

Just sharing a few Zombie Apocalypse thoughts, brought on by reading world economic news this morning. How reading of one brought the other to mind, I cannot say.

Like I said. Humans is funny critters.

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