Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey Marine type peoples......

I got word that middle son was moved over to a medical unit for evaluation. It's his first week in boot camp. I don't know anything else about it yet.

Thoughts? Do recruits ever recover from this? Is it the first sign of a one way ticket out? I know he went in about three pounds over target weight on BMI, and there was a possible few weeks in the fat squad till it got fixed. Could that be what's going on?

Sorry to have so many questions.... worried Papa thing going on.


Suz said...

It's not necessarily a ticket out. One of Lance Criminal's "co-poolies" went to boot 3 months before him, had an injury, and was still in rehab when LC graduated. They wanted to keep the kid, but they wanted him to completely heal before finishing boot. Also, they ALL get sick the first week, some bad enough for med unit. If he was training with the recruiters and got past MEPS, there's a good chance it will cost him at most a few weeks delay and a new unit. Have you contacted REALLY GOOD PEOPLE there, and useful information.

Not too many recruits wash out, the Marines do their rejections ahead of time.

Keep us posted please.

freddyboomboom said...

I was not a Marine, just a sailor, so take what I say with a little grain of salt.

Not necessarily something to worry about.

It could be any number of things, a rash, bug bite, etc.

He doesn't have a history of asthma or allergies, does he?

I got "the recruit crud" when I was in recruit training, and had to go to "sick call" over it. Some expectorant type cough syrup and I was all better in a week or so.

Carteach0 said...

Thanks Suz, I will check them out.

Old NFO said...

Concur with the others, probably got sick (we ALL did), I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia! Made it back and graduated with my company though.

Carteach0 said...

Thanks NFO. I'm hoping that's all it is, and words of people with experience help a lot.

I'd like a better idea of what's happening, if only for my own peace of mind. I'd also like to send the boy a letter or three. Sadly, his mother is point of contact, and she'll withhold even his contact address till she gets a pound of flesh... or ten.

I've left a message with the recruiter where he joined up, as the boy instructed me to, and hope to get an address and some updates from him eventually. Son knew my getting anything from his mother would be impossible, and told me what he thought best as a way to contact him when he's allowed such.

I told him, only half joking, that I would send him mail addressed to:

"Recruit Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Care of the finest military service in the world, Camp Lejune, NC."

Boy said.... that might not be a real good idea, and turned a little pale (G)

Bob S. said...

Have you checked out

Lots of useful information on the site as well as forums.

We found it late when our first went through Boot but monitored it closely for our 2nd Marine.

If they can't answer a question there, they will likely have a direction or contact who can.

Thanks to your son for his service.