Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hmm.... Nice

It's Sunday (I mean Saturday... sigh) morning, and I managed to sleep in til daybreak. That may seem a small, or unusual, victory to some people... but those out there with body clocks tuned to wake at O'dark thirty will understand.

Adding to this small slice a sweetness, a fresh perc'ed pot of Eight O'clock coffee. Despite the fubar nature of my life, some moments are just plain good.

And... speaking of such.... my chore over the next few hours is to assemble the entries into the Carteach0 fundraiser for The Wounded Warrior Project. Later, after a SSS session, I'll try and video tape the drawings for posting on the other blog. The things I get myself into...


Bob said...

Where did Saturday get off to?

Carteach0 said...

LOL! You got me! Sad old befuddled brain, faced with too much work and too little joy. Seems I lost an entire day!