Sunday, October 2, 2011

Uber lib-freak Rosanne Barr wants to behead anyone with more money than her....

Scary Uber-freak-Liberal Rosanne Barr wants to behead anyone who has more than 100 million dollars if they refuse to surrender their money to... her... or something.

Not surprisingly her dividing line of death just barely leaves her on the good side of 'Off with their heads', as her personal wealth is only a little over 80 million dollars.

Also not surprisingly, it's likely she paid her accountants more in fees last year than she paid the government in taxes.

Roseann Barr is a freakish characterure, but an accurate one, of the folks who have taken over liberalism in the United States.

I considered the thought her words might have been said as some sort of weird political satire or comedy, but lets face it.... Roseanne Barr hasn't been funny in 25 years. I doubt she will start now.

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CalvinsMom said...

The irony of a Jew thinking people ought be shipped to re-education camps is mind-boggling.