Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Having just arrived home, I am faced with a great big slab of smoked bacon in my refrigerator. It needs et.

If anyone can think of a good reason why I shouldn't fry up a half pound and make myself a tasty bacon sandwich.....

Keep it to your bloody self.


Rev. Paul said...

"Keep it to your bloody self."

Which is, I take it, what you're going to do with that tasty bacon.

Just be that way. :)

Carteach0 said...

I did, and I am, and probably always will be.

I have no problem at all sharing... love to. If anyone else had been home, and if my girlfriend wasn't vegetarian, I would have happily shared.


GreyLocke said...

Other than you are only cooking half a pound instead of a full pound I got nothing.