Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cleaning up leftovers... breakfast edition

Good wraps and salsa are a lot like cheese sauce or beef gravy. They can make almost anything edible.

This morning, the colderator gave up some leftovers for breakfast assembly, and folding it all up in a wrap turned it into a 'dish'.

Into the hot iron, with a few dabs of butter, went two bits of bologna sliced into chunks. Joining it was a blob of canned corned beef, too small for even a little sandwich, that quickly devolved into something like corned beef hash.

As that sizzled away, next in goes a couple spoonfuls of canned mushrooms, left over from tortilla pizza's the day before. Once it's all happily hot and crackling, two eggs are broken over top and mixed in to bind and fill.

A really good wrap is laid out ready, with a slice of Cooper sharp cheese broken up and lined down the center. Once the fixens in the pan are all set up (A couple minutes, tops) the mixture is sliced up and laid to rest on the cheese laden wrap. Medium hot salsa to taste is spooned on, the wrap is wrapped, and Shazaam!


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